Colleges That Change Lives

by Nicole on April 6, 2011

020903_1660_0128Why am I just hearing about this? Colleges that Change Lives is a non-profit organization “dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process.” What does this mean?

Well, the organization is named for the book by the same name written by Loren Pope. According to Mr.Pope, the best criteria in choosing a college should not be by name or prestige, but by the role they play in their students’ lives. CTCL believes that future college students are often faced with limited choices when trying to decide on a college. Currently, CTCL travels to many higher education sessions around the country providing counseling information and resources to students.

I think it’s great what CTCL is doing. Its true that it’s stressful trying to decide on the right college and someone should be there to let you know all that is available to you and not just a select few options.

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