Five Education Blogs That You Should be Reading (after you read The Spout)!

by Nicole on November 30, 2009

2¢ Worth
David Warlick is a teacher, an author, a professional speaker, and a programmer. A jack of all teaching trades. His blog is informative, interesting and thoughtful. He has everything that an educational professional would want to read about including personal stories, good advice and some very useful ideas.

Detention Slip
This is one funny site. Yes, it is an education site, but with a twist. It showcases the education news of the day with a sarcastic little side comment on each story. It has news stories from all over, but the presentation of these news stories is what really makes this site. I don’t know who writes this blog, but I love their sense of humor.

Penelope Trunk
Ok, I´m cheating on this one. It’s not really an ¨education blog¨, but I love it. Penelope is a professional blogger with over 40,000 people that subscribe to her blog. But please don’t let that stop you from checking out what she has to say. She is a very honest and controversial writer and her blog is full of interesting tales to tell.

Class Struggle
This site is posted by Jay Matthews at Washington Post.com. This is a highly informative blog with a lot of current news stories. Jay has a great point of view and he isn’t afraid to blog his mind. A lot of the issues are related to local D.C. educational news, but the majority of the topics are relevant to all education professionals.

It’s not all Flowers and Sausages
This blog is for all teachers of all grades. Really, it’s for anyone who has ever even thought about teaching. It is a great blog that all teachers can and will relate to. She rants and she vents, but she saying what’s secretly on everyone’s mind. All teachers should follow this blog!

It’s not all Flowers and Sausages.
This is a blog for TEACHERS WHO ROCK and are frustrated by the day to day drama that gets in the way of our interactions with children. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but sometimes a girl has gotta vent…

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