Resources for Students with Disabilities

by Nicole on September 13, 2010

College students typically have a hard time adjusting to life changes in their freshmen year. It’s the whole new independent lifestyle that would be challenging for anyone. Newly found independence and freedom can be a bit overwhelming, not to mention the personal responsibility of managing course work and organizing a schedule. Anyone who has been through the first year of college can relate to this stress.

But what about those who have more challenges to overcome? What about those students who need special assistance due to their disability? The university campus can be a great social melting pot that can be used to make lifelong friends and contacts. But sometimes people with disabilities need a little extra help adjusting to this new world.

Here are some great links for students with disabilities who are thinking about signing up for college courses.

  • National Center on Accessible Instructional MaterialsMaking Learning Resources Available to all Students with Disabilities
  • LD Online – The world’s learning website on learning disabilities and ADHD
  • Disability.gov – This site is a great resource for students with disabilities looking for information on new legislation, classroom support, accommodation, scholarships, etc.
  • COSD – Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
  • ODEP – Office of Disability Employment Policy
  • ADA – Information on the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • National Network – Guidance and Training on the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • ODEP – Office of Disability Employment Policy
  • JAN – Job Accommodation Network: Questions about workplace accommodations, questions about ADA, and related legislation
  • Project Action – Promoting access to transportation for people with disabilities.
  • National Resource Directory – Education and training resources for wounded, disabled, and injured service members.
  • ADA – ADA guide and publications
  • AAPD – American Association of People with Disabilities
  • Disability Access Services Blog – Blog from Oregon State University with information about students with disabilities.
  • We Connect NowWe Connect is dedicated to uniting people interested in rights and issues affecting people with disabilities.

High School and College Students

  • ED.gov – Office for Civil Rights Publication: Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights
  • ED.gov – Office for Civil Rights Publication: Protecting Students with Disabilities
  • Washington Do-It – Disabilities, Opportunities, Internet Working, and Technology: Programs for individuals with disabilities who want to study technology and computer science.
  • NPR: 10 Tips for College Students with Disabilities
  • Eberly College of Arts and Sciences – Science education for students with disabilities.
  • Access Text Network – This site facilitates and supports the national delivery of alternative electronic text books to higher education institutions for students with documented disabilities.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs

  • College Board – Information on searching scholarships and aid
  • College Net – Search for scholarships by keywords
  • Disability.gov – The financial aid section with information on scholarships, loans, and grants for students with disabilities.
  • International Scholarships.com – Scholarship information for those who want to study abroad
  • disaboom – Disability scholarship information
  • Incight: – Scholarship research information
  • Lime Connect – Scholarship for students with disabilities
  • AAPD – American Association of People with Disabilities
  • Proyecto Vision – A Bilingual website with scholarship information
  • CIA.gov – Undergraduate scholarship program
  • Sertoma – Sertoma hard of hearing and deaf -scholarship information
  • NAD – National Association of the Deaf
  • AFB – American Foundation for the Blind – scholarship applications
  • CRS – Christian Record Services for the blind- scholarships
  • Lighthouse International – Scholarship & award programs for the blind
  • NFB – National Federation of the Blind- scholarship Programs
  • 1800 WheelChair – Scholarship information for wheel chair bound students

For more resources in Spanish: Apréndelo.com

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