The Big Bucks

by Nicole on March 29, 2011

rainingThose who can, teach…and make bank doing it.
If you are thinking about changing careers and getting into university teaching, do it!

Here’s a list of the Top Ten Fields with highest-earning professors and average salaries:

  1. Legal Professions and Studies: $134,162
  2. Engineering: $114,365
  3. Business Management: $111,621
  4. Computer Information: $101,985
  5. Area, Ethnic, Cultural, and Gender Studies: $97,637
  6. Architecture and Related Services: $97,505
  7. Health Professins and Related Clinical Sciences: $95,437
  8. Natural Resources and Conservation: $93,375
  9. Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences: $92,716
  10. Biological and Biomedical Sciences: $92,505

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