Learning Resources

    Map Making Skills

    Maps are the very basis of understanding geography. Even in days of yore people understood that certain geographical delineation needed to be understood to keep order and peace. read more

    The College Slang Guide

    The use of slang has been a part of virtually every language since the very creation of language in humans. Certain groups in society find it advantageous to be able to talk to one another in a parlance that others find indecipherable. read more

    Jewish Calendar

    Jewish Holidays. Find dates and discovery the history of the most important Jewish celebrations like Chanukah or Rosh Hashana. read more

    Media Center Internet Index

    Useful Research Information For Teachers, Students, Librarians and Parents. read more

    Astrology Guide for Kids

    Constellations are star groups or patterns ancient people believed formed pictures in the night sky. Astronomers use constellations to break down the expanse of stars into small chunks that are easier to observe. read more

    Geologic Time Scale

    Understanding the different time periods in Earth's history is important for those individuals working to earn a degree in geology, geography, biology, and other fields as well. read more

    Preparing For a Multiple Choice Exam

    Students sometimes feel that they do not have to prepare as much for a multiple choice exam since they are simply choosing the obvious right answer from the bunch. read more

    How To Increase Your Reading Speed

    There are many reasons to develop a faster reading speed. An increase in reading speed leads to more efficient use of your reading time, the ability to recognize the main ideas in a reading assignment and a better understanding of larger amounts of written material. read more

    Learning Middle School Math

    As we all know, math is one of the most important subjects taught in school. We use math on a daily basis, even at an online college! There are many activities that teachers can utilize to help their students learn math while also having fun! read more

    Educational Toys

    Educational toys are useful for a child's development because they provide interaction and stimulation of the brain. In today's world educational toys provide a foundation for learning with all of the developmental toys out there. read more

    Grammar Guide

    Whether you are writing a term paper, a business report, or just a letter to a friend, having good grammar will make your writing more comprehensible and engaging. read more

    Dynamite Online K-12 Teacher Resources

    Teacher resources and Professional Development for Teachers read more

    ABC's of Things to Graph

    Graphing things seems like it can be really hard doesn't it? All of those dots and grids can be very hard for even the smartest people to put down on paper. read more

    Graphic Organizers-Mind Maps

    Succeeding at distance learning, especially at one of the many accredited online schools, is different than succeeding in a standard classroom environment. When attending school online, you must be self-motivated. You must know and understand how to study. read more

    Resources about Colonial America

    The Colonial Period was an interesting time in American history. The period, which lasted from 1600 to 1775, saw the colonists establish themselves on the continent and begin to prosper. read more

    Resources for Math Education

    Internet resources for education abound on the internet. Teachers, professors, parents, and students can find lesson plans, guides, skills practice, homework help, and connect with others in the endeavor to achieve greater understanding of all facets of math education. read more

    Spelling Guide

    The skill of spelling words correctly can benefit a person's everyday writing in many ways. For one, the use of correct spelling lends credibility to a piece of writing. read more

    Digital Learning Versus Classroom Education

    Digital learning is simply being taught by an educator, who is not present in physical form, and through the use of digital media. The power of the internet and applicable software make this readily accessible to anyone wanting to learn, and many schools and universities offer certificates or diplomas upon completion of their online courses. read more

    A Teachers 1st Year Survival Guide

    Very few things are as daunting as the first day of a new job. If you're a new teacher, it can be exceptionally nerve-wracking because you're charged with teaching and guiding 20 new children for an entire year read more

    Thinking About Grad School? Advice for Undergraduate Students

    Graduate school is an advanced educational program that is focused on a certain academic discipline, and it is usually attended by students who have completed undergraduate studies. read more

    US Maritime History and Information

    United States Maritime History has its root in the 1600s as the tobacco trade developed between the British colonies in American and Europe. In 1775, with John Adam's championing its formation and congressional support the Continent Navy was formed during the American Revolution War. read more

    Astronomy Resources

    The sky is the one of the few things that all of the universe has in common, as is the scientific big bang theory that likely created the solar system we inhabit. read more

    General Psychology Resources

    General Psychology Resources read more

    Science and Mathematics Internet Lesson Plans

    Science and Mathematics Internet Lesson Plans read more

    Simple Statistics Tutorial

    Many people do not know what the word statistics means, but they must have made statements that are statistical in nature in their everyday lives. read more

    Learning Middle School Math

    There are many online resources available to middle school math students. Games, tutorials, online calculators, homework assistance, and interactive tools are just a few examples of the learning aids that young math students can take advantage of. read more

    Spreadsheets in Math Class

    Spreadsheets have long been the workplace columnar pad for mathematical function. Accounting, inventory, and general organizing and analysis of data are a part of the corporate record keeping system, regardless of industry. read more

    The Women Scholars of Psychology

    Women have made a huge impact on the world of psychology, especially within the last hundred years. At times their theories clashed with those of more famous psychologists but each of them stood fast to their ideas and made history. read more

    Social Studies Resources For Teachers

    Nearly every university including online colleges offer some type of social studies courses. These classes are also used at different levels like in high schools and with kids as young as elementary school. History and government are only a few of the topics covered in those courses. read more

    State Education Department Learning Standards

    Biblical archaeology is a field that aims to shed light on the Old Testament via archaeological finds. Online colleges and traditional schools such as the W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research interpret findings in relation to the Bible in order to differentiate between the parts that are true and those that are embellished. read more

    Educational Resources for Teachers

    Art, Business Education, Language Arts, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Science, Physical Education, and History resources for teachers. read more

    State Education Department Learning Standards

    Education is a key element needed for being successful in almost all aspects of life. In the United States education is supported by the U.S. Department of Education. read more

    Short Bio of Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin is arguably the most important naturalist that the world has ever known. Through his works, Darwin gave compelling explanations of the origin and evolution of the numerous types of living things in the world. read more

    Gothic Literature Resources

    Gothic literature is an interesting topic of study because the novels are so different. Authors using the same ideas or sentiments came to different conclusions and created two entirely different works. The authors were also known for including commentaries on society in a book that on the surface was more supernatural than anything else. read more

    Anatomy of an Eye

    The eye is a small but complex organ in the human body. Its orb shape is maintained by the clear jelly-like substance within called the vitreous. The eye is supported by muscles which control the movement of the eye, open and close the eyelid, turn and roll the eye. read more

    Christa McAuliffe Biography

    Christa McAuliffe was born on September 2, 1948. The Boston, Massachusetts native was given the birth name Sharon Christa, but preferred Christa and used that from a very young age. Her substitute teacher mother inspired her to try teaching and being around her four younger brothers and sisters influenced her choice to work with children. read more

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy Biography

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917. His mother Rose was the daughter of a popular New England mayor and his father Joseph was well known in the political world as well. He spent much of his early life in Brookline, Massachusetts though his family moved to New York when he was fairly young. read more

    Special Education Resources

    Teachers face many challenges today in the classroom. One particular challenge is that of accommodating a special needs child. There are various special needs that a teacher may find in the class ranging from learning disabilities to behavior disabilities to visual and hearing difficulties. read more

    Educational Chemistry Resources on the World Wide Web

    Catalogs and Publishers, Databases and Data Collections, Periodicals and Conference Proceedings, Community, Teaching Resources, Courses on Chemistry and Miscellaneous World-Wide Web Resources. read more

    Reading to Comprehend and Learn

    There are many practices that improve reading comprehension ability . First, in order to develop successful reading comprehension skills a student must become an active reader. The skills of an active reader include reading with a purpose, questioning the material, skimming for main ideas, reviewing, and reflecting on what has been read. read more

    Shakespeare Online

    Considered to be the greatest writer in the English language, William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) is revered and studied worldwide in both traditional schools and online colleges. His plays have been analyzed, interpreted, and performed for centuries by various cultures. read more

    Student Plagiarism

    There are few things in the academic world that cause as many problems as plagiarism. Every year, countless students wait too long to start assignments and when they realize that they have no time to get an assignment in, they turn to cheating to try and complete the project and pass the class. They do it by copying other people's work and turning it in as their own. read more

    Learn Physics Today

    Physics is one of the world's most interesting sciences. The broad definition of physics is the study of matter and matter's motion through space and time. However, the term also encompasses many other fields that are affected by motion such as energy and force. read more

    Biblical Archaeology

    Biblical archaeology is a field that aims to shed light on the Old Testament via archaeological finds. Online colleges and traditional schools such as the W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research interpret findings in relation to the Bible in order to differentiate between the parts that are true and those that are embellished. read more

    School Psychology Resources Online

    Anxiety Disorders & School Psychology, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Behavior/Conduct Disorders, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Dissociative Disorders, Eating Disorders, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Gifted and Talented, Learning Disabilities, Medical Conditions and much more resources. read more

    Resources for Educators

    Resources for Educators: History, social studies, Science, Math, english and how to Make Your Own WebQuest. read more

    Measurement Glossary

    A measurement glossary is valuable to anyone studying at the college level, including those working through accredited online schools. These terms are especially important in statistics and courses that involve psychology or experiments because they often measure the results of those studies. read more

    General Chemistry Glossary

    Even students studying in a distance learning program need definitions of chemistry terms. These terms cover different ideas and topics that chemistry students use on a daily basis. The following glossary contains some of the more important terms. read more

    General Philip H. Sheridan

    In 1831 Philip Henry Sheridan was born in Albany, New York. Soon after, Philip and his Irish immigrant parents settled in the small city of Somerset in Ohio. Philip's father made his living as a laborer on the railroad. read more

    Science Education Guide

    Students study science every day, in many places, from brick and mortar schools to accredited online schools. They study a wide range of topics such as geology and quantum physics, depending on their major or degree program. The following information can help students better understand their coursework. read more