Educational Resources for Teachers

Art Resources

  • The Cleveland Museum of Art: Distance learning options and videoconferencing aid teachers in exploring history, science and more with visual art from the museum.
  • Crayola: Find lesson plans by subject for integrating art into math, science social studies and other subjects.
  • National Museum of African Art: Discuss African artist, drums and more with curriculum ideas and videos from the museum.
  • Random House: Offering articles to help teachers better engage student interest with subject material suggestions and a calendar of literary events.
  • Smithsonian: Teach students about African art, Native American art and more with art, history and culture lesson plans and ideas. Online workshops and opportunities for teachers are also available.
  • The Getty: Neoclassicism and the Enlightment lesson plans, timeline and social sciences for high school teachers.

Business Education Resources

  • GEC Computers in the classroom: WebQuest specifically focused on accounting, environments, business mathematics and science.
  • National Endowment for Financial Education: The Financial Education Clearinghouse offers classroom materials for helping students understand how to start a business, track personal finances, savings, taxes and investing.
  • Thirteen Ed Online: For teaching how a small business can budget, manage itself and deal with cash flow issues.
  • Wall Street Journal: Lesson ideas and coverage of current finance and business information.

Language Arts Resources

  • The American Collection: Lesson plans, videos, biographies, literary text, lesson plans and student magazines are used to explore American literature.
  • EssayEdge: Free videos and manuals to aid teachers in preparing their students to ace their essays when applying for traditional or online college degrees.
  • Folgers Shakespeare Library: Make learning Shakespeare fun with videos, lesson plans, workshops, videos and games to stimulate interest.
  • Poets.org: View essays on teaching, tips for getting students interested in poetry, ideas for National Poetry Month in your classroom and tips for teaching poems to kids.
  • The University of Texas at Austin: Teach students how to communicate through writing, develop critical thinking skills, revise, and edit their own work.
  • The University of Virginia: Songs, photos, film clips, exhibits and an interactive timeline help high school educators teach Uncle Tom's Cabin and American culture.

Foreign Language Resources

  • African Studies Center: Learn effective strategies and make use of multimedia resources for discussing African languages, travel around the continent and more.
  • Asia for Educators: Unit for helping students to pronounce words in the Chinese language and understand various Chinese symbols.
  • EDSITEMent: Language plans helps students to interpret well-known Japanese literature and practice the art of writing haikus.
  • Goethe-Institut: Teachers can access materials and standards as well as take courses to aid in better teaching the German language to students.
  • High School Ace: Offers French and German tutorials, exercises and quizzes suitable for secondary school.

Mathematics Resources

  • MathBits.com: Pre Calculus collection includes interactive online practice, conversation calculators, problems and trigonometry examples from movies.
  • Math Worksheet Center: Quizzes, homework and lesson suggestions for algebra, probability, statistics, and trigonometry coursework.
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Electronic examples offer visualizations for students to work with vectors and dynamic figures.
  • Teacher2Teacher: Become a better math teacher by asking questions directly to experts and discussing math education with fellow teachers.
  • Misleading Averages: The University of Nevada at Reno offers this online (distance learning) module designed for teaching averages to high school juniors and up.

Music Resources

  • American Roots Music: This teaching guide presented by PBS can be used to explore the roots of American music. It includes different musical genres, instruments, songs, artist and interviews with American music pioneers.
  • ArtsEdge: Celebrate the history of Jazz music and dance and its place in the Harlem Renaissance with the Celebrating Jazz lesson from The Kennedy Center.
  • ArtsWork: High school lesson plan to teach students about music composition and different musical styles.
  • Read Write Think: Explore protest songs with a lesson plan aimed at helping teachers illustrate how music can be used to express political opinions, feminist issues, racism and other areas relevant to students.
  • Songs for Our Time: The Library of Congress presents this collection of songs with historical significance and offers strategies for using in high school curriculum.

Science Resources

  • Can-Do.com: Science related WebQuest covering ecosystems, genetics and dozens more topics available for elementary through high school teachers.
  • Earthquake!: Research ideas, activities and projects targeted towards the needs of teachers of high school juniors and seniors.
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Teach students about air, climate changes, drinking water and other environmental issues.
  • Fermilab: Science projects created by teachers that include air pollution and zoology.
  • Learning From The Fossil Record: Student activities organized by grade level emphasizing curricula of physical, life and earth sciences.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Video demonstrations, concise explanations of complicated technology more ideas for helping students to study and experiments to see the real world use of technology.
  • National Geographic Xpeditions: Explore volcanoes, earthquakes and weather with science related lesson plans. Additional lesson plans assist teachers in exploring geography, culture and more.
  • The Physics Front: Unit lessons, demonstrations and lab ideas teach Physics and the Calculus behind it.

Physical Education Resources

  • Exemplary Physical Education Program: Physical education modules offer graphics, drills for increasing skill levels and lesson plans.
  • PE Central: Plan out physical activities at the high school level with lesson plans for aerobics, basketball, fitness, running and other sports.
  • SPARK: High School Program teaches standards based physical education with assessments, non-traditional learning strategies and more for students of different ability levels.
  • The Educator's Reference Desk: Lesson plan for helping high school learners participate in the team sport of indoor tennis.

History Resources

  • Autry National Center: A lesson plan designed to help high school teachers introduce their students to major figures in the history of the American West and get their students to complete presentations on the subject.
  • African American History Month: Classroom ideas designed for discussing and researching African American History and civil rights.
  • Center for New History and Media: Get students up close with history using case studies, essays, images, music, journals and personal accounts from those who lived during historical times.
  • Distance Learning: Many courses, from history to math and science, can be taught through modern distance learning classes.
  • Documenting the American South: A teacher's toolkit to US and African American history in this extensive digital library.
  • Ethics in Education: Ethics workbooks, guides and other source material is included to help teachers examine world and American history with a focus on ethics.
  • National Humanities Center: Scholarly essays and ideas for leading discussing the history of slavery and religion in America .
  • Teaching American History: Secondary school lesson plans covering major conflicts including World War I and II and the American War for Independence .
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Guidelines assist teachers with understanding why the Holocaust should be taught and which areas to review; includes lessons and activities for classroom use.

Published: 2010-01-20