Educational Toys

Educational toys are useful for a child's development because they provide interaction and stimulation of the brain. In today's world educational toys provide a foundation for learning with all of the developmental toys out there.

Creativity Toys

Children with disabilities have a higher need for creative toys. A good example is for children that are blind or autistic. These toys will stimulate their senses and help to build up their creativity. Getting this at a young age will help with their future development.

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  • Family Connect: Creativity and toy guide for parents that have visual impaired children.
  • AFB: American foundation for the blind. Information provided on toys for Families and kids.

Motor Skills

Cause and effect toys are the best for a baby to help develop their motor skills. A bouncer is a great toy because he helps the child to sit and to practice standing on their feet. Stimulation is key and some toys that offer this are: Ones that make noise, balls, rings, and ones with different noise making buttons.

  • Kids Health: Guide to safe motor skill developmental toys.
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  • Adlit.org: Early identification on reaching motor skills early. List motor skills timeline.
  • Encyclopedia: In-depth definition of motor skills, and example of motor skill development at different ages.

Reading Skills

Books are the best to develop reading skills with a child. When children start reading books at an early age even infancy their vocabulary will get bigger. Playing match games with children using letters is a great place to start the learning process for reading.

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Basic Knowledge

Basic knowledge is something children will start to learn from birth. Children can get behind on knowledge age group without the right and even toys. Age appriate toys and even free play time will help the children whom are behind start to develop at a normal rate. Do not use toys that are far too old or young.

  • Children and Family: A web guide to great education toys for the whole family.
  • ERIC: A study on basic knowledge using toys with different age group children.
  • FAQS.org: Article about basic knowledge construction toys for children.

There are numerous fun educational toys and activities to do with child that will help in every aspect of their growth. Finding safe and enjoyable ones are the key to their success. Through the use of educational toys as a child, you may one day excel in college, whether it be through distance learning, or actually attending classes. Milestones will start being reached as early as two months old. The right toys will help them to reach every milestone on time or even early.

Published: 2010-01-20