General Psychology Resources

Psych Classics: discussions on the history of psychology; ancient, medieval, and renaissance philosophy

Mental Health: glossary of psychological terms and their definitions

McGill: illustration of the brain from top to bottom, including evolution, memory, emotion, mind development, and mental disorders

Science Daily: news and research information on mental health and psychological disorders

All About Psychology: comprehensive information on psychological history, theories, practices, and debates

Psychology Info Online: informational resource on the study and practice of psychology

Shippensburg University: outlines the historical and philosophical background of psychology

Discovering Psychology: timeline of the history of psychology

Social Psychology Network: a brief overview of historical figures in psychology

Center for Evolutionary Psychology at UCSB: a primer detailing the science and history of evolutionary psychology

All Psych: the history of psychology, dating back to 387 BC

Simply Psychology: summary and evaluation of behaviourism

Association for Humanistic Psychology: overview of humanistic psychology

Arizona State University: exploration of the origins and history of educational psychology

Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology: discussion and history of Organized I/O Psychology

Middle Tennessee State University: provides a brief outline of Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Oklahoma State University Department of Psychology: historical timeline of philosophers and the evolution of psychology

Muskingum College: history of cognitive psychology from the 18th century forward

Indiana University: interactive historical map of people whose work, studies, and ideas have influenced the theories and development of human intelligence

PBS: biographical information on notable psychologists people and a timeline of discoveries in human behavior

World of Biography: directory of famous psychologists, including bibliographic information and scientific contributions

University of Dayton: history of psychology, including notable people and their contributions and discoveries

American Psychological Association: searchable historical database includes over 3000 events in the history of psychology

Psychnet- UK: historical and biographical information on famous philosophers and psychologists

Marxists Internet Archive: discussion of B.F. Skinner's origins of cognitive thought

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: overview of cognitive science; history, methods, and theoretical approaches

Humboldt University: origins, history, and discussion of cognitive psychology

Advances in Cognitive Psychology: journal of the scientific study of the human mind, behavioral, cognitive, and brain sciences

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychology: statistics and definitions of disorders and mental illness in children and adolescents

Developmental Psychology.org: research. theory, and scientific data on children's social and cognitive development

NVCC: explanation of psychological research methods, their purposes, advantages, and disadvantages

Social Research Methods: tutorial on different types of social research methods and data analysis

Metropolitan State College: description of psychological research and evaluation methods

International School Psychology Association: defines the nature of school psychology

History.com: encyclopedic history, studies, theories, and information on child psychology

Journal of Pediatric Psychology: online journal abstracts on psychological studies

Elsevier: journal publications on clinical psychology subjects

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC): digital online library of educational research and information

Stanford University: a look at the life of Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt and his findings in experimental psychology

Nobel Prize.org: Nobel Prize winning scientist Ivan Pavlov bibliography

Freud File: the life, teachings, and work of Sigmund Freud

Kirjasto: brief biography of Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung and his concepts about the collective unconscious

NNDB: Swiss biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget and his work in childhood and developmental psychology

B.F. Skinner Foundation: discussion of Skinner's survey of Operant Conditioning

In Fed: biographical information and teachings of Carl Rogers

Gestalt Theory: German scientist Max Wertheimer Gestalt theory

Emory University: biography and chronology of William James and his studies of functionalism

Valdosta State University: outlines Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The National Honor Society in Psychology: explores possible career paths and fields for those who receive a college degree in psychology from a traditional or accredited online school.

American Psychological Association: outlines careers and subfields in psychology, and explores the job outlook for Bachelors and Doctoral graduates

Published: 2010-01-20