Gothic Literature Resources

Gothic literature is an interesting topic of study because the novels are so different. Authors using the same ideas or sentiments came to different conclusions and created two entirely different works. The authors were also known for including commentaries on society in a book that on the surface was more supernatural than anything else. That's just one reason why they're still studied today in online colleges.

Basic Definition/Information on the genre:

Individual and Social Psychologies of the Gothic

  • Gothic Literature : describes the basic thoughts and feelings of characters in these books.
  • The Female Gothic Subtext : explains how psychological aspects of females were a theme in the genre.
  • Radcliffe's Psychology of the Gothic : focuses on the psychological elements used in gothic novels.
  • In Praise of the Gothic Novel : gives reasons why the genre is so important, including the psychological aspects.
  • Typical Elements of Gothic Novels : offers nine elements found in this genre, some relating to psychological ideas.

The Female Gothic

  • Romantic Readings of the Gothic : offers excerpts dealing with female characters and romantic ideas.
  • Northanger Cannon : focuses on the books described by Jane Austen in one of her early gothic books.
  • Gothic, Novel, and Romance : provides definitions of romance as it relates to different gothic novels.
  • Fantastic Love in American Gothic Literature : explains the use of unnatural elements and female characters in these novels.
  • The Monstrous Female : describes the idea of the ugly or unfeminine woman in books and movies.

The Gothic and the Supernatural

  • Supernatural Horror in Literature : focuses on the use of supernatural elements in different forms of literature.
  • A Guide to Supernatural Fiction : offers information on books and authors that used supernatural elements.
  • Supernatural Elements in Jane Eyre : describes how Jane Austen used the supernatural in her most famous work.
  • The Supernatural Gothic : explains the use of supernatural and gothic elements in other genres.
  • House of Pain Archives : provides short stories with a supernatural slant.

The Sublime and the Domestic

Gothic Drama

Famous Gothic Novels

  • The Literary Gothic : offers resources, reference material and information on famous gothic novels and their authors.
  • Fantastic Fiction : provides covers of different gothic novels, plot synopses and more on the authors.
  • 18th Century Gothic Fragments : offers small excerpts from famous and lesser known gothic novels.
  • Early American Gothic Novels : lists famous books and novels from early in the genre.
  • Zittaw Press : publisher focusing on books in the gothic genre.

Famous Gothic Writers

Gothic literature covers a number of different theories and ideas. The resources provided here help understand gothic literature better and the authors who worked in the genre.

Published: 2010-01-20