Resources about Colonial America

The Colonial Period was an interesting time in American history. The period, which lasted from 1600 to 1775, saw the colonists establish themselves on the continent and begin to prosper. Many online colleges require that people be well-versed in American history so below are a list of links that describe what Colonial America was like.


  • Colonies To Revolution: Multiple timelines that go all the way up to the Revolution. Timelines are about a variety of subjects.
  • Chronology of Colonial America: All the major events that occurred from 1492 to 1763.
  • Colonial America: Many links to documents that delve into events that occurred in Colonial America.


Military History

  • Military In Colonial Virginia: Describes the state of the military in Virginia, one of Colonial America's most important cities.
  • Soldiers of The Colonial Militia: Discusses what the soldiers who joined the Colonial militia were like.
  • Colonial Military: Delves more deeply into military history, including important battles and leaders.


  • Early America Map Collection: Collection of extremely rare maps dating from Colonial America.
  • 13 Colony Maps: Maps of the original 13 colonies. Also links to pages discussing the colonies.
  • Labeled Maps: Collection of maps of Colonial America. Also has unlabeled maps for teachers.

Lesson Plans

  • Peopling of Colonial America: A lesson plan for older students that goes over how the colonies became populated.
  • Colonial America Lesson Plans: Links to many lesson plans geared towards different age groups.
  • High School Lesson Plan: A Colonial Lesson Plan that deals with the Salem Witch Trials. Geared towards high school students.
  • Colonial Life: Lesson plan discussing what Colonial life was like in the 1700s.

Colonial Williamsburg

  • Williamsburg: Official site of Colonial Williamsburg. Provides information about history, museums, etc.
  • Digital Library: A digital library offering documentation about Colonial Williamsburg. Includes regular documents and newspaper copies.

Gardening, Foods

Everyday Life in the Colonies

  • Colonial Life: Offers many links to other pages that delve more deeply into colonial life.
  • Guide To Life: Touches briefly on different aspects of colonial life, including where they lived, what they wore, etc.
  • Life In Colonial America: A project that presents different aspects of everyday life in the colonies.

Education in the Colonies

  • Colonial Period: Offers information and images that show how children were educated during the Colonial Period.
  • Education in 1727: Describes how people were educated in 1727.
  • American Colonial Education: Discusses how Colonial Americans educated the Native Americans living in America during the Colonial Period.

Colonial American Art & Architecture

  • Colonial Portraits: Has pictures of portraits painted during Colonial America. Includes descriptions and materials used as well as location and size.
  • Art and Literature: Looks at Colonial American society using its art and architecture.
  • Early American Paintings: Many more examples and dates of Colonial Period paintings.
  • 18th Century Churches: Has information and examples of church architecture in the Colonial Period.

Colonial Medicine

  • Medicine In America: Discusses the history of medicine in Early America.
  • Colonial Medicine & Health: Discusses common medicine practices and problems in Colonial America.
  • Science and Medicine: Offers in-depth information about doctors, science, and medicines during the Colonial Period.
  • 17th Century Healthy: Discusses common medical beliefs during the 17th Century.

Plantations & Other Historic Sites

American Literature


  • Colonial Christmas: Describes how Christmas was celebrated by the colonists.
  • Colonial Festivals: Offers detailed information on many Colonial festivals were celebrated during the period.

Indians of North America

  • Early Relations With Native Americans: Discusses the early relationship between Indians and Virginia settlers.
  • European Contact With Indians: Shows other aspects of the interactions between native peoples and European settlers.

Jewish History

  • Abigail Levy Franks: Good information about this very important Jewish woman alive during the Colonial Period.
  • Jews In Rhode Island: Discusses the highly influential Jewish people who lived in Rhode Island.
  • Jewish Women In The Colonies: Discusses other important Jewish women in the colonies.

African Americans History

  • Africa Americans In The Colonial Military: Discusses the expanding roles of African-Americans during the Colonial period.
  • Colonial Timeline: A timeline of major events involving African-Americans during the Colonial Period.


  • Colonial Religions: Touches on all the religions present in Colonial America.
  • Religion Links: Has links to many different pages discussing religion in the colonies.

Published: 2010-01-20