Science Education Guide

Students study science every day, in many places, from brick and mortar schools to accredited online schools. They study a wide range of topics such as geology and quantum physics, depending on their major or degree program. The following information can help students better understand their coursework.



Energy, Waves

  • Ocean Wave Energy : discusses how ocean waves give off energy and how scientists measure this energy.



  • Electromagnetism : offers types of experiments that test the ideas of electromagnetism.
  • Light and Matter : discusses the magnetic forces and other concepts involved in electromagnet fields.


Special Relativity

Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum Mechanics : provides an overview of the topic along with information on specific ideas including motion potential.
  • Atom Physics : focuses on experiments into atomic physics and the results found by scientists.
  • Atomic Physics : provides resources on the study of atomic physics in other countries and specific organizations.

Nuclear Physics


  • About Chemistry : gives a glossary, examples of chemistry problems, a copy of the periodic table and a variety of other chemistry information.

Organic Chemistry


  • Biochemistry : searchable database of terms relating to biochemistry in a book format.

High Energy/Particle Physics

General Relativity

Earth in Space

Solar System

  • The 8 Planets : discusses the solar system, including the reclassification of Pluto as a star.
  • Solar System : offers information on the solar system, including the planets.


  • Astronomy : gives information on research into the stars and constellations.
  • Astronomy for Kids : focuses on astronomy for those with little experience in the subject.





  • Oceans : offers dozens of resources on specific topics relating to oceans.

Water Effects

Online colleges and offline colleges both offer the same type of programs, though the learning styles differ significantly. Students working at home perform their own studies and experiments, without the aid of a professor. All students will find these resources helpful as they continue their studies.

Published: 2010-01-20