Social Studies Resources For Teachers

Nearly every university including online colleges offer some type of social studies courses. These classes are also used at different levels like in high schools and with kids as young as elementary school. History and government are only a few of the topics covered in those courses. Teachers will find the following resources helpful in working with their students.


Cultural Studies





  • American Sociological Association : association for those interested in sociology or working in a related field.
  • Society & Government : offers specific topics with kid friendly information such as poverty and hunger.
  • Society Today : council covering different topics relating to society with easy to use information.
  • Sociology : the e-book format of the popular sociology textbook used by colleges across the country.
  • The Sociology Shop : provides courses, quotes, people and other ideas relating to sociology.

Many online degrees and degree programs use social studies courses as a requirement for students. These courses cover areas relating to different topics in society. This includes the history of societies as well as more modern day ideas and concepts. Teachers who use the proper resources have an easier job of teaching their students.

Published: 2010-01-20