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United States Maritime History has its root in the 1600s as the tobacco trade developed between the British colonies in American and Europe. In 1775, with John Adam's championing its formation and congressional support the Continent Navy was formed during the American Revolution War. Along with the navy privateers were essential to Americans victory. A privateer was a privately owned warship hat was granted governmental permission to capture enemy ship including trading vessels. The War of 1812 would see further expansion and professionalism of the US Navy.

During the Revolutionary War the precursor of what would develop into the Merchant Marines came into being. The Merchant Marines are the civilian branch of the Marines carrying people and cargo in peace times and aiding the navy in times of war. You can complete some of the training for be a Merchant Marine through distance learning.

American's Navy and Merchant Marines have continued to play significant roles in both war and peace times. To find out more look into accredited online schools.

The shipping industry helped unite the country after the Revolutionary War, allowing for the flow of goods and people throughout the north and south. This industry was a key element in making America a prosperous nation in the 1800's. The shipping industry is still vital to our security and prosperity as a nation.

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Published: 2010-01-20