The Women Scholars of Psychology

Women have made a huge impact on the world of psychology, especially within the last hundred years. At times their theories clashed with those of more famous psychologists but each of them stood fast to their ideas and made history.

Laura S. Brown

Laura S. Brown is a forensic and clinical psychologist who practices in Seattle. She has spoken numerous times about feminist therapy theory; a set of therapies that discusses how women are disadvantaged in the world.

Vivienne Cass

Dr. Vivienne Cass is a psychological theorist whose research deals predominately with issues of homosexual identity formation. Her theories were the first of their kind to ever be presented to the psychological world and many psychologists followed her afterwards.

  • Vivienne Cass' Contributions: Discusses all of Dr. Cass' contributions to multiple areas of psychology.
  • Cass Identity Model: Illustrates how Cass' sexual identity model works.

Anna Freud

Daughter of Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud focused her attentions on studying ego psychology and child psychology. She was one of the first psychologists to begin studying children to try and help them through traumas.

  • Biography: Biography of Anna Freud.
  • Theories: Talks about Anna's theories on child psychology.

Eleanor J. Gibson

Eleanor J. Gibson is known for being one of the first people to devote time to studying perception in very young children like infants and toddlers. She came up with the "visual cliff" experiment that helped determine that infants can actually perceive depth.

  • Biography: A biography of Dr. Eleanor J. Gibson.

Nancy Henley

Nancy Henley is known for her work on subjects of gender issues such as gender power and changes. She's also heralded for her research on language and nonverbal communication.

Karen Horney

Karen Horney was a German psychologist best known for being one of the first people to question Freud's theories on sexuality. She was one of the first women to study "feminine psychology."

  • Biography: Detailed biography of Dr. Horney.
  • Theories: Discusses Karen Horney's theories.

Hope Landrine

Hope Landrine is a health psychologist who is well known for her research into how class stereotypes affect women and how racial discrimination factors into things like access to tobacco.

  • Biography: A biography of Dr. Hope Landrine.

Eleanor Maccomy

Eleanor Maccomy is a psychologist who focuses on socialization in children in terms of how developmental changes affect personality and behavior. She is most famous for her book The Psychology of Sex Differences, which discusses gender differences.

  • Biography: A concise biography of Dr. Maccomy.

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was an Italian psychologist who came up with the education method known as the Montessori Method, which is used in private preschool and elementary schools across the world. The method places emphasis on adapting a child's learning environment to fit his or her needs.

  • Biography: A biography about Dr. Montessori.
  • Montessori Method: Talks about the Montessori Method.

Inez Prosser

Inez Prosser was famous for being the first African American woman to ever receive a Ph.D in psychology. She focused on subjects related to race and segregation.

  • Biography: A brief biography about Dr. Inez Prosser.

Maria Root

Maria Root is a Seattle-based psychologist known for her work on multiracial issues such as multiracial families and identity. She is considered an international authority on the subject of mixed heritage identity.

  • Official Site: This is Dr. Maria Root's official site.
  • Interview: An interview with Dr. Root in which her theories are discussed.

Nancy Felipe Russo

Nancy Felipe Russo is a professor at Arizona State University. She has put out over 170 publications and is most known for her work focusing on women's mental health.

Carolyn Sherif

Carolyn Sherif is known for her part in developing the "social judgment theory" - a theory that involves trying to judge when someone was likely to let themselves be swayed by a differing opinion and similar subjects.

  • Social Judgment Theory: Talks about SJT in depth.

Joan Z. Spade

Joan Z. Spade is known for her work studying different aspects of gender. Specifically, she has discussed how gender affects socialization and perception.

  • Her Works: Dr. Spade's official page at State University of New York, Brockport.

Leona Tyler

Leona Tyler is known for her work on the "construct of organized choices." Her work led psychologists to realize that a person's decision is more affected by dislikes than likes.

Naomie Weisstein

Naomie Weisstein is known for her essay "Kinder, Kirche, Kuche as Scientific Law: Psychology Constructs the Female." It has been reprinted in over 42 languages and she is credited with creating what's known as the psychology of women.

  • Biography: A detailed biography about Dr. Weisstein.
  • Power, Resistance and Science: An article written by Dr. Weisstein.

Cornelia Wilbur

Cornelia Wilbur is known for her treatment of a woman named Shirley Ardell Mason. Mason was the first person to be diagnosed with Disassociate Identity Disorder, a psychological problem Wilbur was the first to present. The book and the movie Sybil are based off of Dr. Wilbur's case.

All of these women have made important contributions to the psychological world. They have shaped the way psychology courses are studied and taught at universities and online colleges.

Published: 2010-01-20