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Engineering is all about problem solving. It's a discipline where the principles of science meet real-life situations and problems. Every day engineers must take their thorough knowledge of science and math, analyze the problem or situation at hand, and provide a safe, efficient, cost-effective solution. Naturally, trained engineers are required to solve problems and satisfy different needs in all industries across the country and throughout the world to design, implement, supervise, and maintain the products, systems, buildings, and other features of our modern world. read more [+]

From roads to processes to computers, engineers often see their work being used by many people – potentially millions of people – which can be gratifying, but also makes their training so important. With so much at stake, an engineering degree is the basic qualification for an engineer and, in fact, many engineers go on to earn higher degrees. Unsurprisingly, engineers are often highly-trained, respected, and paid individuals.

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The University of California, Riverside
Transforming Engineers into Leaders

If you’re seeking to elevate your technical expertise and take on leadership roles in today’s global workplace, the UC Riverside online Master of Science in Engineering can deliver the highly calibrated balance of scientific and business knowledge to help you reach your goals.


  • M.S. in Engineering, Data Science Specialization

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