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Americans love to drive and travel; it's in their blood. Consider that there are 251 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States (a figure that excludes buses), with the number of vehicles even exceeding the number of licensed drivers. In addition, more than 81% of people travel for leisure in the U.S., more than three-quarters of them by motorized vehicles such as cars or trucks. All this means that are a lot of cars, trucks, and motorcycles in the U.S., not even counting all the airplanes – all needing to be serviced and repaired! read more [+]

The vehicles on the road today (and in the skies) used by private individuals as well businesses and commercial enterprises must rely on trained mechanics and vehicle technicians to repair, service, diagnose, and perform maintenance on them. Naturally, the mechanics field in the U.S. is a large one and there are many opportunities and niches to be found.

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